Mud.Toe.Blog 1.10.17 “Fragments”

When I can’t think of anything to write about, I put down a bunch of fragments, things I might write about, but haven’t received the full package of inspiration for yet.  Sometimes, one of the ideas turns into a blog entry right then and there.  Other times, they show up as full blog entries over the next few days.  Still other times, they become nothing.  But here’s the latest batch, for better or for worse.  Only rule for tonight is “no politics.”

- They’re tearing down another crack house in my neighborhood.  There are two others they ought to tear down, because they’re safety hazards.  Both have caught fire and would probably fall down if you gave them a good shove.  At least they haven’t come after Sam’s Food, an old corner store on Sullivant and Avondale.  It’s a beautiful brick building, over a hundred years old.  I think I wrote about it here once.  I’ll have to look it up, maybe bring it back for Mud Toe Gold on Sunday.

-  How does the group feel about the three point shot?  I believe it has outlived it’s usefulness.  I remember back in the eighties when the “experts” were afraid Mark Price and World B. Free were going to destroy the sport with their 3 or 4 per game.  Didn’t Stef Curry make 18 recently?  The idea was to open up play inside, to keep defenders from collapsing on the big man.  But now, nobody even tries to work the ball inside anymore.  Why work like hell to get a 3 ft shot, when you can just bomb away from behind the line, and the shot is worth 50% more?  It’s not the game I fell in love with when I was a kid.

-  College players who leave school early for the pros should have to pay back their school for their scholarships.  Just seems like a no-brainer to me.  You wouldn’t have to pay if you stay the whole four years, or if you earn your degree early (it happens – Bernie Kosar left school a year early because he was finished).  Not quite sure what to do if there’s a red-shirt year mixed in there.  I’ll have to think about that for a while.

- Remembering the great Lyle Alzado, and his famous Sports Illustrated commercial, where he tells the announcer to give a bunch of free gifts to anyone who subscribes.  I looked for it on YouTube tonight, but could only find the ill-advised sequel.  It’s easy to forget that services like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix aren’t true archives, or even libraries.  YouTube is especially random, because almost everything on there that’s not user-generated is stolen.  We need a Memory Alpha, as they called it in Star Trek, a place where all of the media from antiquity resides, and is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.  Media would be entered in the archive when everyone having a financial interest in it had either died, or signed off on its inclusion.  Sorry, Sports Illustrated, NBC, and Walt Disney, but corporations would no longer be permitted to charge a toll to see the work of dead artists.

- I had a Skype conversation with my daughter and my granddaughter tonight.  It was a lot of fun, but we had technical issues – we could never see each other at the same time.  Sometimes I could see them, and sometimes they could see me, but never at the same time (we could always hear each other).  I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I can’t remember ever having these problems with Skype before they were bought by Microsoft.  I mean, I would never attribute negative motives to the company that drove Netscape out of business, or stole Windows from Apple and then ruined it, because that would just be rude.

That’s all for now.

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