Mud Toe Gold: “I’m Batman…No, Wait, I Take That Back”

Originally published 9/2/2013:

Adam West’s Batman was my favorite TV hero when I was growing up.  True, he was replaced by Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock when I became a teen, but the Caped Crusader was king of my single-digit years.  What I liked about him most was that he was unwavering – he never had a moment’s doubt.  Plagued by doubt as I was, even at that early age, I found his example inspiring.  Corny as it sounds, “What Would Batman Do?” got me through many a prepubescent crisis.

The Batman of my adulthood, or perhaps I should say the “Batmen,” because they are now legion, are more complex. suiting my developing and expanding consciousness.  I do not care so much who wears the cowl.  Micheal Keaton is probably my favorite, but only because his interpretation of Bruce Wayne is so understated.  A Gotham resident would never, ever, ever put Micheal Keaton’s Bruce Wayne together with Batman.  This accentuates the division of the character, Bruce vs. Batman, which spoke volumes to me as I struggled with addictions, waking each morning trying to figure out if I was really the nice guy I showed to the world or the narcissistic asshole I let out to play in the evenings.

This whole line of thought was inspired last night by one of the guys I work with in my new job at the group home.  He struck up a conversation about comic books, we found we were both Batman fans, and he asked if I wanted to watch “The Dark Knight Rises” with him.  While I had embraced the first generation of Batman movies, I’d avoided the Christopher Nolan / Christian Bale second wave simply because I was afraid of being disappointed.  Then my brother forced me to watch “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” with him, and I’ll admit to having been intrigued.  They take the psychological aspects to a whole new level, and I was anxious to see how these issues would be resolved in Part III.   However, my driving force was removed when my brother boycotted the last film due to the presence of Ann Hathaway. (He has a blacklist.  Keanu Reeves and Catherine Zeta-Jones are on it, too).

As you all know, I have a very difficult time doing new things on my own, so it looked as if the Dark Knight would be dead to me forever, at least on film.  But when my client suggested we watch the latest film together, I didn’t feel that I could refuse, since I’m trying to build rapport and all that stuff.

Mud Toe’s Capsule Review: It was okay.

Things I Liked:  (1) the ending, which of course I can’t tell you anything about.  I will say that they leave Mr. Wayne’s fate in doubt in a way that’s entirely plausible.  He might be dead, he might be alive, either way would make sense.  (2) There’s a twist near the end, which of course I also can’t tell you anything about.  I will say that I didn’t see it coming, and I should have because they set it up earlier in the movie.  (3) There is no purity in this movie.  Everybody does something bad at some point.  This makes them easier for me to relate to them.

Things I Didn’t Like: (1) It’s way, way too long and convoluted.  Too many characters, too much going on.  The story they wanted to tell would’ve been better as a mini-series on HBO.  (2) Needs more Morgan Freeman.  I don’t want the movie to be longer, so give some of the other people’s stuff to him.  He’s a lot better than them, anyway.  (3) The chases and fight scenes are too long, have too little light, and are difficult to follow.  Or perhaps they’re too difficult to follow because I get bored after about fifteen minutes of it.

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest, how do I feel about the movies now, and more importantly, how do I feel about The Batman?  Well, Batman will always be my guy – no changing that.  I can’t put myself into the shoes of any other superhero.  Particularly I feel the lack of appreciation of my worth and talents from most of the people around me, making my life a never ending struggle again creeping bitterness and darkness of the soul.  And there is also the realization that material riches can never buy back my peace of mind.  But as far as putting on the Bat Suit and fighting for justice, I think I’ll just stay at my word processor.  I sure don’t want to give Bane chance to break MY back.

*****  Copyright 2013 by Mud Toe Sasquatch – all rights reserved

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